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A Bit of Whimsy

There is a time and place for every jewelry application. On the red carpet, a big bold statement piece does the job. But everyday casual dressing presents a perfect opportunity to have some fun with smaller, more playful forms of adornment. From cheery charm pendants and jingly stacks of bracelets to pretty rows of pearls, there are times when jewelry should just make you smile. These pieces can be mixed and matched to suit your daily mood, layered for big looks and worn alone for days when a single simple accessory will do. Here are a few ideas for whimsical pieces of jewelry that are perfect for casual day dressing or make great gift ideas for the special people in your life.

Cheery Charms

Cheery charms and small talismans with symbolic motifs are a fun, personalized way to accessorize. Match the message to the receiver or choose a charm that makes you feel happy.

  • Playful Earrings

    Earrings can convey so many different looks. Multiple piercings, especially, can go from edgy to artful. Finish the look with a daring gemset drop earring.

  • Lustrous Pearls

    Pearls are the accessory of the century, but they don’t need to be big strands. Smaller pearl station bracelets or drops of natural pearls from the ears add a pretty touch without the fuss.

  • Enchanting Bracelets

    The bracelet is a powerful accessory that runs the gamut from superwoman cuff styles to stacks of jingly bangles mixed with pretty little line bracelets.

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