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2022 Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a celebration of your love. A symbol of your commitment. R.F. Moeller has celebrated love stories for 70 years. And we know there’s a ring to celebrate every unique love story. You can select a ring from our curated collection, personalize an existing ring, or work with our in-house artisans to create the ring of your dreams. Keep reading for the top 2022 engagement ring styles.

The Diamond Solitaire

From the elevated, six-prong setting to the bezel-set beauty, the diamond solitaire remains the preferred engagement ring because of its simplicity and timeless appeal. It provides infinite options for pairing a wedding band or a set of wedding bands to personalize the look.

Colored Gemstone

Some brides prefer a nontraditional engagement ring set with a colored gemstone at the center. The most popular alternative gem is a blue sapphire, which symbolizes love, loyalty, and harmony. However, with gemstones in all colors of the rainbow, we can help you find one in a shade that’s just right for you.

Fancy Shapes

There’s no doubt that the round brilliant diamond will always remain a classic. In recent years, though, ovals, emerald cut, and cushion cut diamonds have grown in popularity. Oval diamonds carry more of their weight at the top, thereby appearing larger per carat. The linear facets on an emerald cut diamond give it a bold, graphic, geometric look, while a cushion cut gives a softer look to a square shape.

Hidden Halo

Diamond halo engagement rings are here to stay – but you might need to look closely. A new trend in engagement rings is a subtly hidden halo that adds elegance and sparkle. It’s a modern take on a traditional halo design that the provides the wearer with a little something special just for you to enjoy.

Side Diamonds

Why stop at one diamond? Side diamonds will not only add extra sparkle to an engagement ring, but also visually enhance the size of the center gemstone while adding character to the ring.

Naturally Colored Diamonds

For brides who want to stick with tradition but add a little hue, colored diamonds are a great alternative. The most readily available, and therefore most affordable, of the natural-colored diamonds are champagne, cognac, and yellow. Still, for every colored diamond found, there are at least 10,000 colorless stones. Even more rare are colors like pink, blue, green, and red. So you’re guaranteed something unique.

Antique & Vintage

An antique or vintage ring is a wonderful way to showcase your individual style. Whether it’s a family heirloom, or a ring selected from our curated vintage collection, you are sure to be wearing a piece of history with unique touches.

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