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Testimonial: R.F. Moeller Custom Jewelry Design

We recently created a custom designed engagement ring for Katie. When asked about her experience, this is what she had to say:

Why did you decide to work with R.F. Moeller for your custom ring?

I turned to R.F. Moeller after I had a terrible custom design experience with another jeweler in the Twin Cities. The problem I found is that the majority of other jewelers in the market do not have a goldsmith who both designs and creates the jewelry. That said, the design at the other jeweler looked great, but the goldsmith wasn't able to follow through on the execution.

I knew that R.F. Moeller had a ton of custom design experience and I found out that the goldsmith actually did the computer aided design (CAD) herself, and could therefore create a real ring that was incredibly true to the design.

How did you come up with the ideas for your ring?

I wanted yellow gold for sure and the options in the market weren’t great for that. Many places said they could take any of the rings I liked and change them to yellow gold. I decided for the extra cost to do that, I might as well just get exactly what I wanted.

I had seen a ring on a friend of a friend that I really liked so I used a photo of that along with 4-5 other photos to show what I had in mind. The R.F. Moeller associate and designer met with me directly and we walked through what it would look like, what would work best with the yellow gold, etc. It was a really fun process and it was incredibly helpful to know what we could and couldn't do. They were super helpful and really made the entire experience fun!

What was your favorite part about the R.F. Moeller Custom Jewelry Design process?

Meeting with them and seeing the 3D print of the ring were really awesome!  It was a collaborative process and I loved feeling a part of the experience!

Final thoughts?

Amazing, all amazing!  The entire process from start to finish - I was so upset with the ring I had originally and was nervous about the next steps. R.F. Moeller made it so fun and easy to get exactly what I wanted.  I literally get 3-4 comments a week from strangers on my ring.

Wedding photo courtesy of Pixelposey photography.

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