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Should You Say Yes To A Vintage Engagement Ring?

We love vintage and antique jewelry. We also know that a vintage engagement ring isn’t the right choice for everyone, which is why we’ve put together a simple list of pros and cons to help you decide what’s best for you.

Large vintage three-stone ring.




Each vintage ring has a wonderful history. Know that you’re continuing a story that was started decades ago, even if you never find out the exact history of your ring.

Wear & Tear

Because a vintage ring has been worn for many years there will be signs of wear. The metal used to create the ring may be worn in some places and gemstones may have nicks or scratches. These nicks and scratches can sometimes be easily repaired by experienced professionals.


Like your relationship, no two rings are alike. Because each ring is hand made there are going to be subtle differences different markings from normal everyday wear, even if two rings were created at the same time and made to look the same.

No Matching Wedding Band

While a matching wedding band can be custom made, it is incredibly unlikely that you’ll find a vintage wedding band that was made to fit next to your vintage engagement ring.

The Test of Time

The quality of a vintage ring has been proven. If a ring has stood up to 50 years of everyday wear, it’s going to stand up to 50 more. There will be a few repairs you’ll need to make over the years, but that’s the case with any engagement ring you choose.

It’s Not New

At the end of the day, a vintage ring is a second-hand ring. You’re not the first person to love the ring. If you want to start from scratch with a new ring and new story that is 100% okay. With thousands of different options, you’ll find the ring that is perfect for you whether it’s vintage or not.

Environmentally Conscious

Purchasing a vintage ring is the most environmentally friendly option when it comes to jewelry. No new mining of precious metals, diamonds or gemstones is done to source a vintage engagement ring, and there is minimal use of new metals and gemstones in the repair of a vintage ring.