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$50 Off A Watch Overhaul

Watch acting fishy? R.F. Moeller's experts can help.

R.F. Moeller is proud to be home of the most comprehensive and full-service watch repair studio in the entire Midwest. Our two Rolex-trained service experts will carefully and skillfully work with your precious timepiece. All of our watch repair services are handled in-house so you can rest assured that your timepiece will never leave our caring hands.

Fine watches are like automobiles, which means you can think of a watch overhaul like your 35,000 mile tune up. Your watch has parts that wear and need to be cleaned or replaced in order to operate correctly. If not serviced, your watch may not run properly or damage could be caused to the parts. You've made an investment in the original purchase of the watch, so we're here to help you protect and maintain that investment.

$50 Off A Watch Overhaul R.F. Moeller Jeweler

$50 Off A Watch Overhaul

Bring your timepiece into your nearest R.F. Moeller location and receive $50 off an overhaul. May 15, 2019 - June 29, 2019.

What goes into a watch overhaul?

It depends on the brand and style of watch, but generally any overhaul will entail*:

  • Cleaning the watch movement. This means taking the watch completely apart in order to remove the old oil and replacing it with fresh oil and lubricants.
  • Replacing worn parts. Just like a car, parts can get worn out over time, so replacing them helps to ensure the longevity of your timepiece.
  • Pressure testing. This is done to confirm that the watch is waterproof and not at risk of taking on water and damaging the movement.

*This applies to battery powered and manual wound watches.

Meet the Watch Repair Team

  • Chad O
    Rolex Certified Level 50 Watchmaker
  • Kathy