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Moeller Milestone: Tyler & Niki

The Celebration:

Tyler proposed to Niki at the Prospect Park Tower in Minneapolis. She had no idea it was coming. He wrote her notes about their past dates and times together. The first 4 notes had specific props or pictures about the note he had written to her, so as she was walking up to the tower, she was experiencing these notes and props. The 5th note included students from the youth group that Niki leads and they were all there to surprise her. Her close friends were there to surprise her for the 6th note. The last note was held by their parents. After that, he met her at the proposal spot at the top of Prospect Park complete with a beautiful view of Downtown Minneapolis.⁠⁠

Congratulations Tyler & Niki!

Moeller Milestone Tyler & Niki

Moeller Milestone Tyler & Niki