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Moeller Milestone: Mike & Charli

The Story:

Charli and Mike celebrated their marriage in the Fall of 2016 in Scotland.

Here’s their Moeller Milestone Story according to Mike:

Charli and I met while studying at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. She went for the education, I went for the golf!  While my golf scores haven’t improved much, we were fortunate to celebrate our marriage back in St. Andrews earlier in the fall.

Being from Minneapolis, my family has been a long time R.F. Moeller customer, so when I decided to buy an engagement ring, they were my first and only stop. The experience with them has been second to none. They made the biggest purchase of my life fun and simple; the ring is perfect. Over a year later I still catch her staring at it when she thinks I’m not looking.

We spent time shopping for wedding rings in London’s Mayfair area, and eventually found one in a well known jewelers. Still, we decided to go back to R.F. Moeller. We were delighted to find a better partnering ring with better quality diamonds, higher carat weight, and set it platinum to match her engagement ring. We were even more thrilled that it cost less money!

Thank you to Bob, Bryan, Carrie, and Michael for all their knowledge, guidance, and excitement. We will absolutely be back.

-Mike & Charli

The Rings:

Hers: Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring and Diamond Eternity Wedding Band Set in Platinum
His: Platinum Half Round Wedding Band