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We will be closing both showrooms at 5PM on Thursday, May 23rd.
🎉 We’re celebrating the careers of three of our longest tenured team members who are retiring this year!

Moeller Milestone: Derek & Meghan

The Story:

Derek and Meghan met on January 14th, 2013, a not horrendously cold winter day that allowed these Minnesotans to leave their warm homes for the evening. Meghan went out with friends to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. After dinner, the ladies headed to Big Dog in North Mankato. Derek walked in with his friend Steve, and although, as they would say, “it was not quite love at first sight”, they did click and laughed the evening away! Fortunately, Steve was dating Meghan’s friend Sarah who noticed this chemistry and took it upon herself to talk up Meghan and Derek to the other in the months following this evening.

Fate (or Sarah) brought them together again when Sarah invited Meghan to a Fourth of July celebration at a friend’s house. Derek’s dance moves helped win Meghan’s heart (and soften her resistance to a Bennie-Johnnie relationship). They dated long distance for a time, and slowly Meghan made her way to the Twin Cities where they now own a home together.

The Celebration:

Derek’s proposal was very sweet. He proposed with his great grandmother’s ring that R.F. Moeller helped to refinish and make perfect for Meghan. Earlier in the day, Meghan told coworkers that she would know when Derek would propose because he would get “anxious and sweaty”. He miraculously managed to surprise her! When Meghan got home from work that day, she noticed Derek was making her favorite meal (steak, potatoes, and asparagus). When she commented on how thoughtful this was, Derek was sure he had been found out! Later that evening, on their porch, over glasses of wine, Derek got down on one knee and proposed. They were both so excited that neither is quite sure what was said. The only thing they do know, is that Meghan said “Yes!”

Congratulations, Meghan and Derek!

The Ring:

Derek worked with Bryan Moeller to refinish his great grandmother’s ring.

Derek and Meghan Moeller Milestone

Derek and Meghan Moeller Milestone Ring copy