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How To Safely Pack Jewelry In Your Carry-On

Flying with jewelry can be a serious hassle. If you travel a lot, you’ve probably had nightmares about tangled necklaces, lost earrings, and scratched pearls. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Packing jewelry for travel so it doesn’t tangle, get scratched, or worst of all… end up lost, is hard! These tips will help you pack your jewelry safely in your carry on and ensure everything reaches your final destination in tip top shape.

Packing Necklaces So They Don’t Tangle

Necklaces are the hardest thing to pack, but if you’re bringing more than one or two you’re going to have to stow them in your carry on bag during air travel. The easiest way to keep your necklaces tangle free is by wrapping them in a cloth and then popping that cloth into a small pouch.

Necklace on blue cloth.

Necklace rolled in blue cloth.

An Atique branded jewelry travel bag.

When you get to your destination and unwrap your necklaces and chains, you won’t have any knots or tangles to deal with.

Packing Bracelets & Watches

Depending on the type of bracelet you’re packing you can either wrap it in a soft cloth like a necklace, or slip it directly into a jewelry pouch. Stiff bracelets, like cuffs or watches with a leather strap, don’t need to be wrapped before being popped into a pouch.

Jewelry laid on cloths on a table.

Something that’s a bit more wiggly and likely to get tangled or rub against itself should be wrapped up in a cloth first.

Jewelry in a travel bag.

Packing Earrings & Rings

Earrings and rings might seem like the easiest things to pack but you still need to be careful. You don’t want to pack two earrings in the same pouch. If they get jostled around in your bag they can bump into each other and before you know it you’ve got a chipped gemstone.

Earrings in plastic bags.

The same goes for rings. Each ring should be kept in a separate pouch. Walgreens sells these awesome little plastic bags for pills, but they work perfectly for separating rings and earrings. Then you can take all your little plastic bags and put them in one pouch, safe and sound.

a travel bag with earrings in plastic bags.

Packing Pearls

Pearls are extra delicate, so it’s important to be careful when you pack them. Make sure the pearls aren’t going to rub together or be crushed under the weight of something heavy in your bag.

A necklace laid on a blue cloth.

Keep Your Jewelry Under The Seat In Front Of You

You can and should pack jewelry in your carry on luggage when flying. Never pack jewelry in a checked bag. Ideally, you want to keep your jewelry in the bag you’ll be putting under the seat in front of you, instead of in the overhead bin.

Sometimes It’s Better To Leave Expensive Jewelry at Home

Sometimes you just shouldn’t travel with expensive jewelry. Especially if you’re staying in a place where you won’t be able to lock your valuables in a safe while you’re out and about. In situations like these, opt for costume jewelry instead.