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  • Diamond and Pearl Cradle Earrings | $2,350

    This pair of pearl and diamond cradle earrings by Mikimoto is crafted from 18k yellow gold and features 5.5mm Akoya pearls and 0.02 total carats of diamonds.

  • Golden South Sea Pearl Pendant | $5,900

    This 11mm golden south sea pearl pendant by Mikimoto features 0.02 total carats of diamonds and a 31.5″ adjustable chain crafted from 18k yellow gold.

  • Bubbles Pearl Ring | $1,650

    This Bubbles Ring from Mikimoto features three Akoya cultured pearls and diamonds clustered together and set in 18k white gold.

Pearl Background

There are four main types of pearl: freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea. Freshwater pearls are the most common and affordable, Akoya pearls are made in Japanese and Chinese waters, Tahitian pearls can be grey, blue, green, and purple, and South Sea pearls are the largest kind of pearl and feature white, cream, and golden hues.


This June birthstone has a rich history, dating as far back as 2300BC, where this gemstone was gifted to Chinese royalty. In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the ultimate status symbol. Julius Caesar even passed a law limiting pearls to be worn only by the ruling classes. During the Dark Ages, knights wore pearls during battle, believing that the gemstone would keep them safe. There is ancient lore that Cleopatra used a pearl to prove to Roman politician Mark Antony that she could host the most expensive dinner party. To prove her pearl was real, she put her pearl in a glass of vinegar, which evaporated it.


June’s three birthstones are pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone. However, pearl is the most recognized. Keep reading to find out more information about this gemstone and to shop pearl jewelry you can find here at R.F. Moeller Jeweler.

Geminis are those born from May 21-June 20. They are symbolized by the celestial twins.

May’s birthstone is emerald, a strikingly beautiful green gemstone. Emerald is widely known to be the synonymous with the color green and is given for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. Emerald is also one of the four main precious gemstones, others being diamond, ruby, and sapphire.

Tauruses are those born between April 20th-May 20th. This star sign is represented by the bull and is classified as an earth sign.

April’s birthstone is diamond, a gemstone symbolic of eternal love. Natural diamonds are believed to be one of the hardest and oldest substances in the world. This birthstone comes in a wide range of colors such as black, yellow, pink, and red.

March 21st marks the beginning of Aries season! Aries are born between March 21st-April 19th and are represented as a ram. Aries also kicks off both the spring season and the zodiac wheel.

March has two birthstones: the most recognized is aquamarine and the other is bloodstone.

The birthstone for the month of February is amethyst. Known for its purple color, this gemstone is commonly found in the collection of royal families throughout Europe and Asia.

An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a celebration of your love. A symbol of your commitment. R.F. Moeller has celebrated love stories for 71 years. And we know there’s a ring to celebrate every unique love story. You can select a ring from our curated collection, personalize an existing ring, or work with our in-house artisans to create the ring of your dreams. Keep …