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Over time, amethyst has been associated with countless myths, legends, religions, and cultures. Leonardo da Vinci was thought to have said that amethyst helps enhance intelligence and gets rid of evil thoughts. Some historians also believe Saint Valentine had an amethyst ring carved with an image of cupid. During the Middle Ages, English regalia was decorated with amethysts to symbolize royalty. Amethyst has intrigued kings and queens for centuries. Catherine the Great, the empress of Russia from 1729-1796, adorned herself in amethyst necklaces and earrings.

For a long time, amethyst was thought to be one of the most precious gemstones, commonly favored by royalty. Back then it was even held in the same regard as diamond. It wasn’t until the discovery of abundant amethyst sources that it became an easier accessible gemstone for non-royals.


The name amethyst comes from Ancient Greek, derived from the word “methustos”, which means “intoxicated”. Ancient wearers thought wearing amethyst could fend off drunkenness. Due to this February birthstone’s wine-like color, early Greek mythology associated this gemstone with Bacchus, the god of wine.

This February birthstone is often found in geodes or in the cavities of granitic rocks. This gemstone can be found in many places, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Zambia. However, today the most abundant and important sources are in Africa and South America. Zambia’s Kariba mine is one of the largest sources of amethyst in the world.

The birthstone for the month of February is amethyst. Known for its purple color, this gemstone is commonly found in the collection of royal families throughout Europe and Asia.

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This month’s birthstone is garnet. Garnets are durable and available in a broad price range, which makes them a great choice for any taste.

December’s three birthstones are turquoise, Tanzanite, and zircon. All three of these birthstones are known for their stunning shades of blue. The age of these gemstones varies greatly, from one being one of the oldest on Earth, to another only recently being discovered.

November’s two birthstones are topaz and citrine. Certain shades of these gemstones look similar to each other, so much so that they have often been mistaken for one another throughout history. The pale-yellow color of citrine closely resembles yellow topaz, which explains why November’s two birthstones have been so easily confused. Both November birthstones are easily accessible and affordable, even in larger sizes. Topaz and citrine were thought to be …

October’s two birthstones are opal and tourmaline. Opal is traditionally the more recognized October birthstone; however, tourmaline was added as a second birthstone in 1812. Tourmaline is highly valued due to its wide variety of colors, and hundreds of years ago, it was believed that opals carried the power and virtues of all colored stones.

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September’s birthstone is sapphire. This birthstone has fascinating ties to history and famous figures. Sapphires are typically blue, but can be found in all colors except red (which is ruby). It is also a very popular gemstone for engagement rings, thanks to the late Princess Diana.