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Applied Jewelry Professional | Jewelry Industry Since 2019*

*Fun Fact: My parents are jewelers and I’ve been around jewelry my entire life!

  • Favorite Gemstone: My favorite gemstone is a color-change sapphire. It shows a vivid purple in incandescent light and a rich blue in sunlight. It’s a natural phenomenon in certain gemstones and it’s highly underrated in my opinion!
  • What’s the most rewarding part of your job? The most rewarding part of my job is getting to experience sentimental moments with my clients and friends. Over the years, I have grown personal relationships with a lot of my clients so it’s fun when they are commemorating their newborn or a milestone anniversary. I get so excited for them!
  • Pet: Golden Retriever named Archie
  • Favorite Restaurant: LAT 14 and Khaluna (same owner/chef). The Thai basil wings are unmatched!!
  • Favorite Sports Team: Arizona Diamondbacks and Vegas Golden Knights
  • Favorite Things To Do: Anything that is fun! I really like to fish, hike, play baseball, golf, or really anything outdoors. However, if it’s something fun, I’m in!