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2024 Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a celebration of your love. A symbol of your commitment. R.F. Moeller has celebrated love stories for 73 years. And we know there’s a ring to celebrate every unique love story. You can select a ring from our curated collection, personalize an existing ring, or work with our in-house artisans to create the ring of your dreams.

Keep reading for the top 2024 engagement ring styles!

Photo by The Byes Photo | @thebyesphoto

Bezel Set Beauties

The look that’s living rent free in our heads? Bezel set diamonds.

Creating a metallic halo around the diamond, this look elevates the classic solitaire or even a three stone engagement ring to a new, modern level.

East West Diamonds

East West set diamond engagement rings are giving main character energy! They take a classic look and give them a 180 degree turn.

Heirloom Diamonds

Helping couples carry on a legacy by reimagining heirloom jewelry brings us so much joy! Our in-house custom design artisans can skillfully redesign and repurpose treasured family gemstones into an engagement ring to honor the past while embracing the future.

But don’t take it from us…

Laura’s engagement ring is a beautiful reminder of our promise to each other and a reminder of our family. Three of the diamonds came from my grandma’s engagement ring that she wore from her wedding in 1947 until she recently passed away at 103 years old. She was able to see the ring, and her story can continue on with us. We love that the engagement ring is custom made, with three stars on the bottom of the band to mark her diamonds. It’s so special to have a deeper connection to a piece of jewelry that is not only important to us but to our families. We feel so lucky to be able to keep her with us and add our own love story to her heirloom. We also love that the ring is one-of-a-kind with a timeless look. Blaze made the whole process fun and exciting, and gave me confidence in creating a piece that Laura would proudly wear for the rest of our lives. We love all three of our rings from R.F. Moeller!” -Craig G

Laura's Custom Designed Heirloom Ring

  • Grandma's original 1940s engagement ring.
  • Engaged!
  • Laura's final engagement ring.
  • Three stars to mark grandma's original diamonds.
  • Happily ever after!

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds continue to shine bright. Plus, the elongated shape can create the look of a larger diamond.

Maximalist Rings

Step aside subtle, these rings are having a moment in the spotlight! Whether it’s a chunky band or large side diamonds, these rings are for those who embrace the “more is more” philosophy.

Ring Stacks

One of the fastest growing trends is ring stacking. Not only is this a great way to express your individuality, your rings can tell the story of your life or simply change with the vibe of your day.

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